About the Team Member Program

The Team Member and Hilton Family Travel Program is a way Hilton has come up with to reward their employees by offering them and their family members discounted room rates at their chain of hotels. The program is open to all regular full-time and part-time employees of Hilton Worldwide and its subsidiary companies.

By just getting online and going to the Team Member and Hilton Family Travel Program, a regular full-time or part-time Hilton employee can sign up for this service and then book a room at Hilton Hotel at a special discounted rate. The system is easy to use and completely free for employees.


All team members working in the Americas, full-time or part-time, are eligible for this leisure travel benefit.

At the Hilton Team Member Travel booking site, you will be allowed to book the existing Team Member Rate and the new Hilton Family Travel Program. The Team Member Rate provides a special rate to team members who will travel on leisure. In addition, it may give you a deep discount on standard rates. And you can also book discounted room rates for yourself and your family through the new Hilton Family Travel Program, which is available in all hotels worldwide.

You can check availability and book your room online by booking discounted room rates at the Hilton Team Member Travel booking site. You can request your reservation at any hotel in the Hilton Family. In addition, if you have a plan change, you can easily change or cancel your reservation online.